Friday, September 26, 2008


Welcome to On Spike's mind. I have toyed with this idea for awhile but in a different way. that as a care giver. I was warned away from that a couple of years ago for the sake of the family. That seemed to be a good idea so nothing happened.

For now my care giving days are about over and I am going to embark into a wonderful journey with a woman who could be my twin, not in looks thank god, but in mind and spirit. I hope you don't take my views and take on things as hers as I was wrong once, I think it was 1968, and it just might happen again (but don't hold your breath, Ha).

By now you are wondering what this blog will be about. I don't know either, I do know it will rarely be about politics. The rest? stay tuned. Maybe it will be about some great rock I found or how the water looked on St. Pete beach after four tequila shots at the Hurricane.

Please don't be afraid to speak up either. "Just wade in and grab the shark by the head"