Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Starting up again

I am going to blog seriously now. I hope it will be here unless I find some place I like better, as most of you know I moved a couple a months ago, all the way down here I would think of something to put in the blog but things have been kinda crazy and just starting to find a even keel so I want to get back at this. What I have in mind is a half and half, what I am experiencing in Florida as a newcomer and what I am doing or going to do Lapidary wise. I want this to be my part time job so I won't have to get one on top of and not have time to do it.

Always before I have done my stone work for my own enjoyment and only sold my pieces to support it, ie; buy more rock and grinder supplies. I have decided to get more serious about it the Artfire shop is starting to pick up and of course there is still Etsy. Right now I am waiting for a new 600 diamond belt as the one I have is worn out and making worse scratches than the belt before, this is what is waiting on my bench for it right now:

So this is kind of a sneak preview, the three at the top were supposed to be already done but I just couldn't get the scratches out.

Guess that is the other half for now. more very soon