Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am very pleased to announce two great things are happening with Spike’s Stoneworks. One new and wonderful (coming soon), the other old and coming back to the internet better than ever! They will be rolled out together. This is the first of at least two other expansions. It came as a welcome surprise. It will also come to reality sooner than the other expansions.

I chose this blog to make the announcement as I have more room to explain what’s going on and why.

Very soon Spike's Stoneworks will be the exclusive distributor in the U. S. and Canada for Isomars templates ( Isomars.com ). This is being done to save you money on these wonderful templates. In the past the shipping price was more than the templates themselves. Now, with them coming from me, the shipping cost and time will be cut way down. Making them affordable and getting to you quickly.

The second part of this is my website is coming back, and the templates are going to be a part of that. I am also working hard on the gallery, more stones will have hover over and click on information than before, in the end they will all be that way but it will take some hard work to make that happen.

What does “exclusive” mean? Well as it sounds, I will be the only one. Also, all inquires for the templates I have will be referred to me from Isomars (their idea).

All of this will be handled through Spike’s Stoneworks.com and my Artfire studio.

Take a good look at these templates. They are great for lapidary and jewelers. I first promoted these with no idea something like this would happen. I was just passing on some great stuff. A month ago I had an idea that maybe I could increase their sales by selling a few from here. Thirty days later that tiny idea has grown into a wonderful thing.

Thank you for taking the time to see what's going on and hope you share in my excitement as this comes together.