Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick at my stomach

I bought a couple of things at a few mins. ago. I checked on them to sell from once it was a little high for me so didn't, but buy I things there every now and again, I do like the one button click to buy feature. So I ran a search on cabochons before I clicked away, lots of books and a couple of sellers, as I was looking I saw a dog tooth agate it caught my eye as I had packed some up yesterday. Now there are few agates in this world that are as recognizable at first glance as dog tooth once you know what it is, this one was listed as Rhodochrosite! Curious I clicked on the shop they are selling machine made, dyed cabs for prices I can't even get the rock for.

Don't get me wrong, I use a grinder/polisher on my cabs but a lot of thought and effort goes into each one from design to actually getting it done and shiney. These other machines are fed a rock and it is cut at random not by (ha I typed "my" the first time, on purpose?) human hand but a unthinking stamp machine. I have a real issue with that kind of thing, yeah I know everyone has to make a living but give everyone a chance.

As a example a trusted friend told me he had gone to the 2007 Tucson show, he couldn't find the booth that he regularly buys from a outfit that digs in Mexico, but did see one of the brothers walking around so asked where his booth was that year. He was told they didn't have anything to sell that they had been bought out by a large asisan country (I say it that way because I don't want to be on China's bad side, Ha) by the ton sight unseen. So all that rocks were dumped in machines that just ground out shapes and the beautiful patterns were lost.

Ok I'm done, time to figure out something for supper, er dinner sorry honey. :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

catching up

Well a few things have happened this past week. First I went fishing at a watershed lake a week ago, while fishing off the dam my feet slipped on some rocks and I fell backwards onto other larger rocks I was pretty sore for a few days and my back was bruised, I am going back there in six hours wish me luck LOL.

BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE, I didn't or at least didn't try until it was too late. Bad sector in a system file, now I am a old dos guy and ran a hundred dos commands trying to get around and or fix that. No way, and I was not able to back up because of the corrupted file. Reformat and start over was the only answer. I lost a lot and have no sound from programs including winamp and itunes (sob) from the reinstall. I will figure it out some day, the computer says everything is working fine HA!.

I am going fishing soon, so the not working right computer and the slow/no sale shop can bite each other.

Oh btw I did a really cool cab yesterday: Photobucket