Sunday, November 23, 2008

i'm mad as hell

Read this So every time someone drives away from the red and blue lights they should just let them go? Who is behind the wheel? a murder from this or another state? or as the news media wants to portray a bad driver who just wants to get home. Either way you are are accountable for your actions. The man behind the wheel of the Police car usually doesn't know which. Been there done that.

I am so sick of this, they expect spit second decisions that have to be made right then to be perfect every time, and yet they are not held accountable for what they report? Though it is 50% wrong?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 2 on the farm

I went back, I have to park on the road as the long drive way is now blocked (with good reason) and that is kind of important to the the end of this post. I walked through what was once the alfalfa field, through the deer trails in what was wide open and graveled spaces to the edge of what was a soy bean field, planted but not harvested, I saw the same at a corn field I know why but am concerned about it.

Half way to the creek I realized I had forgotten to change into my work boots so was mindful of snake bites. There are copperheads down there and the brown leafs are a carpet, funny that I thought about that now when before if I fell I would just roll and laugh, ignorance in youth is a wonderful thing.

I got some good pictures, I spent some time on the west side of the bluff which seems to be where I did when I was a kid, then climbed back up out of the creek and went to the other side, walked almost to where I was before then down around to the other bend where there used to be Indian paintings on the rocks at the other bluff. On the way I disturbed thirty or so wild turkey and eight or nine deer. When I reached them I just stood and stared from across the bank, the face had toppled in a heap.

The paintings were long gone now, I could see the holes bobcats had kept dens in, exposed now. That part sadden me, I remember being that far away late one afternoon when the sun shrank, keep in mind that in the timber it gets dark quick. It was almost instantaneous and one evening when it happened and I was near in the same spot there was yowling from a bobcat from those rocks. I ran out of the timber onto the path and towards the house. With each step I was kicking dirt onto the leaves behind me making me think it was chasing me, when I rounded the first barn I knew for a fact I heard something there so whirled with my rifle ready to shoot, I had a half pound of pressure on the trigger before I saw that it was my dad, he was coming down to check on me since it was getting late. When he saw me running he ducked into the barn to scare me. Ha he scared us both.

Standing looking at the bluff I decided to follow the creek to the river, I can count on both hands how times I had done that even as a kid, but I had left GMs lunch for her so not a big hurry to get back and I wanted to find some of the ancient bones the new owner had told me about. Two steps toward it I heard a pack of wild dogs from that direction, then more from the east. They had split and were hunting deer. Now I am not the wisest man in the world, but I knew that I did not have a pistol with me, nor can I out run a deer or a wild dog. So I began the two mile walk back to the car.

Though I am drawn to it, that will be my last trip there, even if I was going to stay here it would be. The emotions are too much, there are near ghost images of even when I hit a cousin in the back with a big limb by mistake, I saw the horse tank it happened at and that is the first thing I thought of.

It was a wonderful visit, one I will never forget.

The pictures I am sharing are here:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There and back again

Ha everyone that knows that title raise your hand, for you are true fans.

Well I went to the old farm twice, I spent a hour with the new owners Sunday afternoon, we traded names from the area that I haven't heard let alone spoke in many years. They are good people, both of thier sets of parents came from the area and I am confident they will take care of farm well.

The house is gone, long story. Dennis and Connie tried to save it but to no avial so had to take it down. There are a few out buildings left, the smoke house included, funny how things seem so much bigger when you are a kid I stood and stared at it not believing it was the same building. I remember crawling over all the stuff stored there, it seemed like a maze at the time.

I had to use deer trails to get through what was once a wide open space between the house and out buildings, the combine would go through there and not touch anything and no hazard to. As I went past the horse barn I wasn't sure I would know where to go, It has been over thirty years since I have been to that point. One glance and I was off,

With unbridled glee I was Ten again jumping over fallen pecan trees, until I first saw the crick. I stopped dead in my tracks, that water was and apparently is a magical place for me. I saw the same trees the same exact same water as before, Ha I fell twice leaving the bluff and I laughed out loud the second time when I realized how many times I had fallen in the exact same spot.

There was a smile on my face all the rest of the day, after I put the pictures on the computer I realized I needed to go back. The lighting was wrong I had spent too much time before and the sun didn't shine on the rocks like I had wanted.

So I called them back, explained that it had been too late in the day and asked if I could come back in the morning. They had no problem with that, but the return trip is a story in its self so I will leave off for now.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going to the old farm

Tomorrow I will be going to my grandparents former farm. I had many, many good times down there growing up. I have been taking some pictures around and wanted some from the creek that made a hard turn behind the barns, it cut out some huge slabs of limestone from the dirt. In the slabs are tremendous shell fossils, I wanted to retake a picture that I had taken in high school it won some kind of award in a state wide contest, of that creek area.

So I made a couple of calls and eventually found the new owner, I explained what I wanted to do and he not only said yes, but said he wished he would be in town on Monday (the day I said I would like to go) as he wanted to meet me and wanted to go with me. So I changed my plans and will go tomorrow.

The old farm was the site of a Indian encampment many many years ago, in the 1970s the local college had some students down there looking for arrowheads and they found the burial site. The bodies had been buried one on top of the other six or seven deep as I remember. After the data was recorded they were returned as found. I don't know if the current owner knows about that, tonight I am going to try to find the newspaper articles and whatever I can copy and take it to him. The out buildings (barns, machine shed etc) are gone now as is the house, I will do my best to find the location but it will be difficult without those reference points. Since he will be going with me I would like to show him where. I doubt the drawings on some rocks further down the creek are still there though, that is too much to hope for.

I went down there a couple of weeks ago, took some pictures around the flat bridge the creek used to flow a little over. I saw some workable rock, but they were way too big for me to take out, I hope to knock a little of it off, enough for something for me, my dad and maybe something for the new owner or his wife. (Ha I call him the new owner but they sold the farm over 20 years ago)

I might do something on flickr with all these.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting out there

I am on my own today so I have the time to do some things I had been wanting to do.

I joined some of you on , I ran out of space in the user name so I am just SpikeStonework no S on the end.

I also started a new shop at if you sell online this is very much worth checking into, I haven't added anything yet but I hope to later this afternoon.

To those that are sick, it does go away. I promise.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick at my stomach

I bought a couple of things at a few mins. ago. I checked on them to sell from once it was a little high for me so didn't, but buy I things there every now and again, I do like the one button click to buy feature. So I ran a search on cabochons before I clicked away, lots of books and a couple of sellers, as I was looking I saw a dog tooth agate it caught my eye as I had packed some up yesterday. Now there are few agates in this world that are as recognizable at first glance as dog tooth once you know what it is, this one was listed as Rhodochrosite! Curious I clicked on the shop they are selling machine made, dyed cabs for prices I can't even get the rock for.

Don't get me wrong, I use a grinder/polisher on my cabs but a lot of thought and effort goes into each one from design to actually getting it done and shiney. These other machines are fed a rock and it is cut at random not by (ha I typed "my" the first time, on purpose?) human hand but a unthinking stamp machine. I have a real issue with that kind of thing, yeah I know everyone has to make a living but give everyone a chance.

As a example a trusted friend told me he had gone to the 2007 Tucson show, he couldn't find the booth that he regularly buys from a outfit that digs in Mexico, but did see one of the brothers walking around so asked where his booth was that year. He was told they didn't have anything to sell that they had been bought out by a large asisan country (I say it that way because I don't want to be on China's bad side, Ha) by the ton sight unseen. So all that rocks were dumped in machines that just ground out shapes and the beautiful patterns were lost.

Ok I'm done, time to figure out something for supper, er dinner sorry honey. :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

catching up

Well a few things have happened this past week. First I went fishing at a watershed lake a week ago, while fishing off the dam my feet slipped on some rocks and I fell backwards onto other larger rocks I was pretty sore for a few days and my back was bruised, I am going back there in six hours wish me luck LOL.

BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE, I didn't or at least didn't try until it was too late. Bad sector in a system file, now I am a old dos guy and ran a hundred dos commands trying to get around and or fix that. No way, and I was not able to back up because of the corrupted file. Reformat and start over was the only answer. I lost a lot and have no sound from programs including winamp and itunes (sob) from the reinstall. I will figure it out some day, the computer says everything is working fine HA!.

I am going fishing soon, so the not working right computer and the slow/no sale shop can bite each other.

Oh btw I did a really cool cab yesterday: Photobucket


Friday, September 26, 2008


Welcome to On Spike's mind. I have toyed with this idea for awhile but in a different way. that as a care giver. I was warned away from that a couple of years ago for the sake of the family. That seemed to be a good idea so nothing happened.

For now my care giving days are about over and I am going to embark into a wonderful journey with a woman who could be my twin, not in looks thank god, but in mind and spirit. I hope you don't take my views and take on things as hers as I was wrong once, I think it was 1968, and it just might happen again (but don't hold your breath, Ha).

By now you are wondering what this blog will be about. I don't know either, I do know it will rarely be about politics. The rest? stay tuned. Maybe it will be about some great rock I found or how the water looked on St. Pete beach after four tequila shots at the Hurricane.

Please don't be afraid to speak up either. "Just wade in and grab the shark by the head"