Wednesday, October 8, 2008

catching up

Well a few things have happened this past week. First I went fishing at a watershed lake a week ago, while fishing off the dam my feet slipped on some rocks and I fell backwards onto other larger rocks I was pretty sore for a few days and my back was bruised, I am going back there in six hours wish me luck LOL.

BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE, I didn't or at least didn't try until it was too late. Bad sector in a system file, now I am a old dos guy and ran a hundred dos commands trying to get around and or fix that. No way, and I was not able to back up because of the corrupted file. Reformat and start over was the only answer. I lost a lot and have no sound from programs including winamp and itunes (sob) from the reinstall. I will figure it out some day, the computer says everything is working fine HA!.

I am going fishing soon, so the not working right computer and the slow/no sale shop can bite each other.

Oh btw I did a really cool cab yesterday: Photobucket


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BobbiWired said...

Glad you got to go fishing honey! Try not to chuck the laptop out a window, you might regret it later...
BTW that stone looks even better in person...mine mine mine :)) snicker snicker...