Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lapidary and pricing

I am getting lax again, it just seems there are not enough hours in a day any more. I had planned to tell of some of my adventures during the move to Florida but that seems kind of late now. Most of this one will be about Lapidary, I have some ideas in my head that I need to follow up on. One is the ring cab I came up with several months ago, the hard part is done now I just need to figure out millimeters to ring size ratio. I also want to polish the outside of some rocks, not smooth but with all its bumps and ridges intact, never seen that done but I know how I will do it: by hand and very time consuming but they would make great display at shows not to mention at the house.

The last thing on my mind is pricing, basically I sell at wholesale or lower just enough to keep this going. That will not stop but I know I have to quit taking a loss, not much will change while I wrestle with this issue or after except that I will offer "some" pieces that I might not have because they were out of my usual price range. I won't go into all details tonight about what it costs me to do this but I will before too much longer in a article on JL and or here. Here is one of the eye openers though, not long ago for laughs I googled myself, a few links came up I didn't know about one was titled "Worlds best Laguna" well I didn't call it that though it was pretty damn good, someone connected with flickr did and posted it that way. I sold that cab for $18.00 (prior to the posting) and every day laguna cabs sell for $50 and $60 just so so run of the mill cabs.

Not whining just venting


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Sheree said...

You've posted some great cabs/prices at JL, wish I was in the market to purchase but am currently stumbling with getting tools! Have great respect for lapidary skills! Keep posting and best wishes in your endeavors!