Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coming soon and Evolutions in Stone

I have been thinking about adding something different to my regular web site. There isn't a name for it yet but something like "Other interests" or "I also like" and on those pages have some pictures of the glass I collect, it is all one pattern in Vaseline glass (There is Uranium in it so it glows under black light) it was made for just a few and I mean very few as in under ten starting in 1881. I might also show some of my salt dips or open salts. I have some that are very unique and like the glass itself are rare. The thought for the glass is to show it both in regular light and with it glowing. What do think? Too silly for my website?

is a Rock and Jewelry message board forum.. Don't groan - this one is different. I have personally met many of the members including the owner and there is not a bad egg in the carton. Everyone is very friendly and there is some great wire wrapping, wire work, metalsmithing, faceting, PMC and of course all kinds of rock, cabs and slabs. I have been a member of other boards and have seen all kinds of in-fighting and arguments; this one is not like that at all - some teasing and joking but that is about it. I see it like a corner cafe, but everyone there has common interests.

The reason I am bringing this up is that with the start of summer also comes a slow period for outlets like this one. EIS has been no exception. The forum owner, BlarneyStone, is having some family matters to tend to over the next few months and with the slow down didn't know whether to keep it going, so he put it to a vote. We voted to keep it going and I am guessing the only way he could make me act responsible in his absence was to make me responsible, so I will be helping with administration while he takes care of his family. Please visit Evolutions in Stone , you don't have to join (though you are certainly welcome to) to look at the posts and pictures but I hope you do so we can hear your ideas and drool over your pictures and work.

I've rambled on long enough and my new diamond belt came in, so I'm off to get caught up on cabs.



Sheree said...

The gorgeous stone placard for EIS already peaks my interest, will definately check it out. Kind of you to step up and help, best wishes to the administrator and his family.
Interested in seeing your posts on Vaseline glass :)

Spikes Stoneworks said...

It will be later this week before I can get the pictures I want of the glass, I would like to use 100 watt black light bulbs rather than the 60 watt ones, that is if I can find them. I found some 150 watt ones but they were $73.00 each so I might have to settle. If this works out the way I want it to it will be a pretty cool page.