Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Spikes mind

This has nothing to do with lapidary, but what the title says: Some of my kids have joined facebook group Make It Illegal to Protest at Military Funerals, and I am sure they are wondering why dad hasn't joined. The very first thing I have to say is that I hate the phelps (they don't deserve a capital in their name) group and what they are doing, the second or third funeral they did this at was nearby and I was livid (Myra if you are out there sorry for having to listen to my tyraids that night (I still think that any Sheriff who arrested the whole crew on even a trumped up charge would be reelected for life).

But, and as much as it grieves me to say it, they have the right to speak out. Is what they are saying and doing the right thing to do? NO! It causes so many people pain and worse at a time they are the most vulnerable. These people exploit the law at every turn, they've been doing this kind of stuff for over twenty years. Ever pinched a snake in the middle and watched it twist and turn excreting everything in its body to get away? That's Fred Phelps, and he has taught his brood most all Lawyers to do the same.

One of, no my favorite radio show from time to time has one of them (I won't say her name as I am sure sure she has google notification turned on and I don't want even cause a single smile on her face because of me) on, they goad her into singing one or two of their hate songs. I nearly retch and turn it off.

Back to the the topic, protests at Military Funerals. It's too blanket, what if one of us was killed during a war on lets say England? The President lost his mind and someone in our family was killed because of it. When walking out from the funeral a microphone was shoved in our face and we said "I am so against this, there was no reason". You are thinking apples to oranges? It's not, the law is cut and dry, its still a protest no matter the emotion either way.

They are not changing minds, nor bringing anyone other than their own brain washed family in to join their way of thinking. There will come a day that the snake will be pinched off, lawfully or not.

In the end god has the final say.


AF_wife said...

I agree totally. But slander shouldn't be allowed in the free speech. But I guess that's why we all have opinions and we're entitled to them. Oh well. if they ever show up at my loved ones funeral I'm getting 25 to life. I promise :)
Chris and I talked about this tonight and he said he is too lol

Illiterate Functions said...

I believe that there is a time and place to protest. So does the law to a certain extent. I believe it should be prohibited at funerals. If you want to protest against your "war on England", you would have more room for people somewhere else and a better stage. You would just get the "resident's" families angry for stepping on their grave. If I were to protest something (in a calm and orderly fashion) I would do it downtown with a parade liscense and get tons of people to show up. But that is my personal opinion and that was my rant.

Now you know the rest of the story (in my perfect world).

Mary said...

I agree with your post. While I disagree with the Phelps clan and their method of getting publicity and protesting, I don't think creating a law against protesting at funerals would do what we hope it would. Freedom of speech is a right, and the forums the ridiculous clan usually pick for protest are public places, so they aren't breaking any laws. A law to prohibit them would eventually end up infringing on other freedoms and rights of respectable, upright Americans.

I wish they could be thrown in jail for being public nuissances.