Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There and back again

Ha everyone that knows that title raise your hand, for you are true fans.

Well I went to the old farm twice, I spent a hour with the new owners Sunday afternoon, we traded names from the area that I haven't heard let alone spoke in many years. They are good people, both of thier sets of parents came from the area and I am confident they will take care of farm well.

The house is gone, long story. Dennis and Connie tried to save it but to no avial so had to take it down. There are a few out buildings left, the smoke house included, funny how things seem so much bigger when you are a kid I stood and stared at it not believing it was the same building. I remember crawling over all the stuff stored there, it seemed like a maze at the time.

I had to use deer trails to get through what was once a wide open space between the house and out buildings, the combine would go through there and not touch anything and no hazard to. As I went past the horse barn I wasn't sure I would know where to go, It has been over thirty years since I have been to that point. One glance and I was off,

With unbridled glee I was Ten again jumping over fallen pecan trees, until I first saw the crick. I stopped dead in my tracks, that water was and apparently is a magical place for me. I saw the same trees the same exact same water as before, Ha I fell twice leaving the bluff and I laughed out loud the second time when I realized how many times I had fallen in the exact same spot.

There was a smile on my face all the rest of the day, after I put the pictures on the computer I realized I needed to go back. The lighting was wrong I had spent too much time before and the sun didn't shine on the rocks like I had wanted.

So I called them back, explained that it had been too late in the day and asked if I could come back in the morning. They had no problem with that, but the return trip is a story in its self so I will leave off for now.


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