Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going to the old farm

Tomorrow I will be going to my grandparents former farm. I had many, many good times down there growing up. I have been taking some pictures around and wanted some from the creek that made a hard turn behind the barns, it cut out some huge slabs of limestone from the dirt. In the slabs are tremendous shell fossils, I wanted to retake a picture that I had taken in high school it won some kind of award in a state wide contest, of that creek area.

So I made a couple of calls and eventually found the new owner, I explained what I wanted to do and he not only said yes, but said he wished he would be in town on Monday (the day I said I would like to go) as he wanted to meet me and wanted to go with me. So I changed my plans and will go tomorrow.

The old farm was the site of a Indian encampment many many years ago, in the 1970s the local college had some students down there looking for arrowheads and they found the burial site. The bodies had been buried one on top of the other six or seven deep as I remember. After the data was recorded they were returned as found. I don't know if the current owner knows about that, tonight I am going to try to find the newspaper articles and whatever I can copy and take it to him. The out buildings (barns, machine shed etc) are gone now as is the house, I will do my best to find the location but it will be difficult without those reference points. Since he will be going with me I would like to show him where. I doubt the drawings on some rocks further down the creek are still there though, that is too much to hope for.

I went down there a couple of weeks ago, took some pictures around the flat bridge the creek used to flow a little over. I saw some workable rock, but they were way too big for me to take out, I hope to knock a little of it off, enough for something for me, my dad and maybe something for the new owner or his wife. (Ha I call him the new owner but they sold the farm over 20 years ago)

I might do something on flickr with all these.

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Nothinglikeit said...

Interesting history - I can't wait to see the pictures on FLICKR!